Core Beliefs of Sikhism

Khanda - symbol of SikhismAbout 500 years ago, a boy named Nanak was born in the Punjab region of South Asia. The town of his birth, Talvandi, which has since been renamed Nankana Sahib, falls within modern-day Pakistan. The predominant religions in Punjab at that time were Islam and Hinduism, and Nanak’s parents were Hindu by background. However, young Nanak was disenchanted by the social inequalities and religious practices he observed in the world around him and decided to establish a new religious tradition, which would come to be known in the Punjabi language as Sikhi (and later, in English, as Sikhism).
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Greek Orthodox: Scripture Classes

Greek Orthodox Diocese Australia Special Religious Education is a voluntary program in State Schools in New South Wales. Special Religious Education (or Scripture as it is better known) complements the general education of Greek Orthodox children. Scripture classes focus on an Orthodox way of life and identity.
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Sydney Anglicans: SRE Curriculum

Christian EducationSydney Anglicans use Christian Education Publications as their publisher of religious education curriculum designed for use in Australian and New Zealand Anglican schools. With material for children aged in Kindergarten through to year 12, it is a Bible-based curriculum which seeks to engage students and encourage them to discover for themselves the truths of the Christian faith and make good life choices.
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Teachers Reflect: Interfaith Dialogue and signs of hope

bandingOur mission of strengthening relations between people of different faiths and beliefs is more important than ever. As I look back at the year, I ask myself how well are we positioned to take up the challenge of reconnecting communities and building social cohesion? Have we retained sufficient momentum and creativity to respond well to a context shaped by the pandemic and Brexit? I see five signs of hope.
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Holiday Buddhist Book List

Book Cover: Mop Rides the Waves of LifeHoliday time brings spare time and time to read. Due lockdown, books are back in favour; creative fiction, children’s books and the exploration of living with the Buddhist teachings feature in these books. Here we bring a selection of Children’s Buddhist books!
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The Enlightenment Of The Buddha

The Buddha under the treeWhy do we get old, get ill and die? How can we escape from suffering? The story of how Prince Siddhartha Gautama left a life of luxury to embark on a search for the answers, and how he eventually became the Buddha – the Enlightened One. Watch The Enlightenment Of The Buddha and learn this important story of the founder of Buddhism.

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