Buddhism: Learn at Home

Lotus Buddha

The Buddhist Council of NSW offers Learn at Home materials for Parents – in addition to Special Religious Education materials offered by their volunteer teachers.

Wondering about meditation, symbols of Buddhism, going to a temple or celebrating Buddha’s Birthday? Here are some ideas for you!

Special Religious Education (SRE) volunteer teachers usually meet students for half hour classes each week and during the school year work through topic strands of Being a Buddhist, Buddhism and Society, Values and Attitudes, and Life Skills. Full details are part of the Buddhist SRE Scope and Sequence.

To make it easier for parents and children to study at home, our Buddhist SRE teachers share some of their classroom resources here. The variety of resources reflects the diversity of Buddhist traditions on which SRE teachers draw. These videos, slideshows and activities can be used to talk about many facets of Buddhism with the whole family.

You know your child best – please feel free to choose what you feel would be most engaging and appropriate for your family.

Read more here: Primary School Story Books, Secondary School Study Texts and Guides.


Tara at Spring
Tara at Spring

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