Teachers Reflect: Interfaith Dialogue and signs of hope

bandingOur mission of strengthening relations between people of different faiths and beliefs is more important than ever. As I look back at the year, I ask myself how well are we positioned to take up the challenge of reconnecting communities and building social cohesion? Have we retained sufficient momentum and creativity to respond well to a context shaped by the pandemic and Brexit? I see five signs of hope.
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Reflections by Religious Education Teachers on Character

Teacher giving lessonThe Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, based at the University of Birmingham conducted two surveys of Religious Education teachers about their faith and the impact of Religious Education on the character formation of students, as well as the faith (or non-faith) of the Religious Education teachers. What follows is reflections and excerpts from this report.

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Religious Education Teachers and Student’s Character

Religious Education Teachers and Student's CharacterThe Jubilee Centre has published Religious Education Teachers and Character: Personal Beliefs and Professional Approaches. The aim of the research was to explore Religious Education (RE) teacher’s worldviews and their approaches to promoting pupils’ character growth in Religious Education.
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Interfaith Resources for Primary Teachers

Interfaith Resources for Primary Teachers

The Inter Faith Network for the UK has taken the opportunity during Interfaith Week (in the UK) to launch a special new resource for primary schools. It is designed to help increase pupils’ understanding of, and skills for, interfaith encounter, dialogue and action. It focuses on learning about real examples of inter faith engagement, including in their areas.

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Online Course on Interreligious Dialogue

KAICIID’s Dialogue Knowledge Hub (DKH) is pleased to offer the eight-week online course in interreligious dialogue for religious leaders, decision makers, Inter-religious dialogue practitioners and educators. Through a series of assignments, lectures and online forums, participants will learn the history of interreligious dialogue, methodologies, and tools for using dialogue to foster peace, mutual respect and social cohesion.
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