Racial Justice, Equality and Diversity in Sacred Scripture

Racial Justice, Equality and Diversity in Sacred ScriptureRacial Justice, Equality and Diversity in Sacred Scripture is prepared by the Education Service of the Diocese of Westminster, UK. It provides biblical expositions to illustrate that God does not discriminate: each person is equally called and valued and no-one can escape his infinite love and mercy. He is also fair and unbiased, protecting his people, especially those who are disadvantaged or suffering. Christian in focus, it is a useful adjunct to diversity, equality and racism studies.
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World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly

Anna and Joachim
Pope Francis has instituted a World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly on Sunday, 25 July 2021. Identifying with the more senior members of our society, he says “The whole Church is close to you – to us – and cares about you, loves you and does not want to leave you alone!”

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The Christian Place of Worship

Cologne Cathedral, GermanyThe Christian place of worship is called church which means “gathering of people”. Those who gather come together in name – and in spirit – to worship in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. Churches can be home churches, a building labelled church, or a majestic cathedral. All serve the same purpose, to hear the gospel, to have communion in the assembly, and to sing songs of praise to the Lord Jesus.
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Greek Orthodox: Scripture Classes

Greek Orthodox Diocese Australia Special Religious Education is a voluntary program in State Schools in New South Wales. Special Religious Education (or Scripture as it is better known) complements the general education of Greek Orthodox children. Scripture classes focus on an Orthodox way of life and identity.
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Sydney Anglicans: SRE Curriculum

Christian EducationSydney Anglicans use Christian Education Publications as their publisher of religious education curriculum designed for use in Australian and New Zealand Anglican schools. With material for children aged in Kindergarten through to year 12, it is a Bible-based curriculum which seeks to engage students and encourage them to discover for themselves the truths of the Christian faith and make good life choices.
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Church History in Ten Minutes

Church History in Ten MinutesHow do we get from Jesus to the great big church – all the great big churches – we have today? Well, it’s a long and complicated story, involving emperors, crusaders, popes, castration and a lot of arguments. Here it all is in just ten minutes, so hold on tight. Watch Church History in Ten Minutes!

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Learning from Home – Christianity

Christian CrossThe Covid-19 crisis in the community has resulted in states closing schools and directing students to engage in learning from home. In this wise, and in face of a second-round of lockdown to Stage 3 in Victoria, we bring you resources for Christian SRI – Learning from home.
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Freedom of Religion or Belief -A guide to biblical insights

The Freedom of Religion or Belief (FORB) Learning Platform has published “Freedom of Religion or Belief: A guide to biblical insights”, as part of online training offered through the Freedom of Religion or Belief Learning Platform.
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