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Ahimsa Studies CenterAhimsa means non-violence, and was the foundation of the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi. Ahimsa is a human value. The significance of values lies thus: Behaviour is based on choices; choices are guided by values. The Ahimsa Center offers a non-violence curriculum for grades K-12.

Ahimsa connotes reverence for all life. It is non-violence rooted in courage and compassion, fearlessness, and forgiveness. It evokes civility and trust and promotes among all a sense of oneness and amity leading to social justice, lasting peace, and ecological sustainability.

The Center provides an institutional forum to innovatively serve many important stakeholders: College Students, K-12 Educators and the Community at large.

Educational initiatives of the Center help students in our colleges and schools acquire an appreciation of non-violence at intellectual as well as practical level.


The Center initiatives are largely characterised by an approach that encompass both the domain of “thought”—drawing upon philosophical, religious and cultural traditions from around the world, and the domain of “action”—the political and social movements genuinely committed to non-violence. Rich lessons in non-violence are offered in all religious traditions such as Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Sufism. There are also successful movements led by contemporary figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Badshah Khan (Frontier Gandhi) Martin Luther King, Jr., Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi, and Caesar Chavez that demonstrate the power of non-violence in bringing about social and political change.

The Center fosters a vision in which each individual is an important player in building and sustaining a culture of non-violence. It is a vision for cooperation and collaboration among fellow human beings on the basis of mutual respect, trust and self-restraint. It is a vision where one sees that any violence inflicted on others is a violence inflicted on oneself.

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Gandhi on the Salt march:
Gandhi on the Salt march: this march was founded on non-violence

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