Teaching about Sikhism

High School Students

There are more than 25 million Sikhs around the world, which makes Sikhi (also known as Sikhism) the fifth-largest major world religion. Yet the Sikh tradition remains largely unknown in many nations and is often absent from the K-12 education system. Where it has been present,Sikhi has often been represented inaccurately.

These problems have contributed to the serious challenges that many Sikh students and Sikhs at large experience today, including bullying and harassment, negative stereotypes, discriminatory policies, vandalism and violent hate crimes.

These educational guides aims to help facilitate learning about Sikhs and Sikhi in K-12 classrooms, provide educators with information about issues faced by Sikh children in schools, and give basic reference information about the Sikh tradition.

Teaching about Sikhism (excerpt from book, Teaching about Religion,17 pages, PDF. )

Sikhism: An Educators Guide (The Sikh Coalition, 25 pages, PDF)
Section 1: How to Bring Learning About Sikhism into Your Classrooms
Section 2: Issues Faced by Sikh Students and How to Deal with Them
Section 3: Sikhism – Background for Educators

Basics of Sikhi

Basics of Sikhi
is a Sikh educational campaign using Youtube, printed material and social media, funded and supported by Everything’s 13, a registered Sikh education and humanitarian charity.

Jyot Curriculum (August 24 2018, The Sikh Coalition, 62 Pages, suitable for Sikh Youth, PDF) (Jyot means light)

The toolkit includes seven workshops: What is Privilege, Pyramid of Power, Social Movements, What is Organizing, Campaign and Strategy Development, Social Media Activism, and Bigotry and Religious Intolerance. The goal of these workshops is to engage Sikh youth in social justice issues, encourage them to participate in community development, and help them develop crucial leadership skills that will also benefit their academic and professional lives. The modules strive to encourage dialogue and inspire critical thinking

Sikh Awareness Presentation(Primary, Explainer, Pictoria, 20 pages, PDF, )

Sikh Awareness Presentation – Adult talking points (Explainer for Sikhs / Teachers doing presentation, 20 pages, PDF)

Reporters Guide to Visiting Gurdwara (2 pages, explanation of protocols at the Sikh Temple, PDF)

The Sikhs (Brochure) (3-fold brochure about Sikhism, 2 pages, PDF)

Who Are Sikhs (Single page Poster, PDF)


Who are Sikhs?