Bullying and Belief – Primary Sources

 Bullying and Belief - Primary Sources

The Bullying and Belief toolkit is a resource to support schools to deal with the topic of religious bullying. It contains five 60-minute lessons for Primary and Secondary schools, with resources and films on which to base your teaching within lessons. The toolkit also contains resources for organising assemblies around this theme.

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Anti-bullying Primary Resources


Lesson 1 Primary plan ‘Why do some people bully others’

Lesson 1 Primary Dartboard Cards

Lesson 1 Primary Dartboard Resource

Lesson 1 Primary Starter

Lesson 1 Primary Starter PowerPoint Version

Lesson 2 Primary Plan ‘How should we treat others’

Lesson 2 Primary Snakes and Ladders

Lesson 2 Primary story ‘The King’s idea’

Lesson 2 Primary Storyboard Template

Lesson 3 Primary Plan ‘What would you do’

Lesson 3 Primary Role Play Cards

Lesson 3 Primary Top Tips to Stop Bullying

Lesson 4 Primary Plan ‘What we are worth’

Lesson 4 Primary – Religious Quotations Answers

Lesson 4 Primary Poem ‘I am worth more’

Lesson 4 Primary PowerPoint Human Rights

Lesson 4 Primary Religious Quotations on Tolerance for Sorting

Lesson 5 Primary Plan ‘Why do our beliefs matter’

Lesson 5 Primary Themed Poems


Bullying and Belief


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