Hindu SRI in State Schools

Hindu Shatkona

Recently issued Victorian Education Departmnet Ministerial Direction MD141 on Special Religious Instruction in Government schools requires publication of SRI Curriculum materials in the public domain. On this page, the Hindu Heritage Foundation post their materials for Hindu SRI Classes in State Schools.

What is SRI?

Special Religious Instruction (SRI) refers to religious instruction program to state government school students by authorized providers.

SRI consists of weekly 30 minutes classes and the program material will typically vary according to year level.

SRI is not compulsory; it is an optional class, which requires parent’s written consent for their child to attend.

SRI is also not taught in all schools. Check with your child’s school to see if there is a SRI program available.

Who is providing Hindu SRI?

The Hindu Heritage Foundation of Victoria (HHFV) is offering Hindu Special Religious Instruction (SRI) classes in state primary schools since 2010. Hindu SRI is administered by the multifaith secretariat of Religions for Peace Australia. Religions for Peace Australia (RfP Australia) is contracted by the State of Victoria, through the offices of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (Department), to oversee the provision of Hindu religious instruction in government schools.


The objective of teaching Hindu SRI in Victorian schools is to provide Hindu students an opportunity

  • To learn about Hindu religion and heritage
  • To learn from material designed for children in Australia
  • To look at the world as one big family, respecting the principle of ‘’Unity in diversity”

Download Overview of Hindu SRI

 Department of Education and Early Childhood Development