Greek Orthodox SRI in State Schools

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Recently issued Victorian Education Department Ministerial Direction MD141 on Special Religious Instruction in Government schools requires publication of SRI Curriculum materials in the public domain. On this page, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia post their materials for Hindu SRI Classes in State Schools.

Overview of Greek Orthodox SRI

The special religious education program of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia is a major commitment by the Church to the State schools throughout Victoria. It embodies a unique program of formal and informal learning. Although it is only one small part of the K-7 curriculum, its educational, social and spiritual effects are much broader.

Special religious education is essentially a form of confessional teaching. Unlike most other curriculum components, participation is elective. Instruction is provided freely. There is no formal evaluation of students in this field. There is no Statewide program of assessment as in the key learning areas. It is an example of lifelong learning that commences from the earliest years. The program involves a curriculum in which experiences are repeated but with increasing levels of sophistication.

Overview of Greek Orthodox SRI is an essay authored by Dr James Athanasou, Religious Education Occasional Papers 10: A Greek Orthodox Special Religious Education Curriculum K to 7. This essay aims to “provide a brief outline of the curriculum for Greek Orthodox special religious education. It sets out in simple terms the content of the curriculum and offers an initial educational justification”.

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 Department of Education and Early Childhood Development