NAPLANThe Victorian Multicultural Commission is aware that the upcoming NAPLAN dates coincide with EID, the Islamic Festival that celebrates the end of the month of fasting, the month of Ramadan.

The Victorian Multicultural Commission has obtained advice from ACARA, the National Curriculum Assessment Authority that administers the NAPLAN tests.

While it is important to note that decisions relating to NAPLAN are made at a national level, advice from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (which administers NAPLAN within Victoria) is that the NAPLAN protocols (for both paper and Online) state that schools can vary a test date for reasons outside their control. This includes religious holidays and observations.

Impacted schools should lodge change of date requests through the NAPLAN Help Desk on or 1800 648 637.

Individual families can also speak to their school to reschedule their child’s assessment.

If schools wish to discuss the timing of EID and NAPLAN they are best to call the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) helpdesk – General enquiries Phone: 1300 895 563 or +61 2 8098 3100

Information is also published on the ACARA website at