Videos for Teaching – Core Principles Animations

Animations explaining the concepts of “situatedness,” three kinds of violence, misunderstandings about religion, and religious and secular nationalism.

Situatedness Animation


Animation explaining the concept of “situatedness,” a key component of the cultural studies approach to learning and teaching about religion.


Three Kinds of Violence Animation


Animation explaining Johan Galtung’s typology of direct, structural, and cultural peace and violence.


Misunderstandings about Religion


Animation explaining three widespread misunderstandings about religion.


Religious Nationalism and Secular Nationalism


Animation explaining the differences in nationalism.


Animations Overview

No religion is inherently violent or peaceful. However, religions are powerful forces. They can inspire horrific violence. They can also inspire nearly unfathomable acts of love and peacebuilding. The Jews described here span a wide range of values regarding the intersection of their religion and violence. Some are the perpetrators of violence, some are working to end violence and promote peace, many more are bystanders, who may build up cultural violence, cultural peace, or even both.

As always, when thinking about religion and conflict, maintain a focus on how religion is internally diverse, always evolving and changing, and always embedded in specific cultures.

The Religious Literacy Project is directed by Diane L. Moore and all content is constructed under her editorial direction.

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