Together for Humanity

Many young people have never knowingly met an Aboriginal person, a Jew or a Muslim. Research shows that information on its own is not enough to eliminate prejudice and misunderstandings. By engaging children and adults in positive experiences of diversity and teaching them about different religions and cultures, Together for Humanity looks to address divisions and replace them with mutual respect and cooperation.


The following is taken from the About page of Together for Humanity website. This is a group that elicits understanding of difference in worship in the minds of schoolchildren at all levels.

Together for Humanity is a multi-faith not-for-profit organisation that is helping schools, organisations and communities to respond effectively to differences of culture and belief. We do this by bringing students, teachers and those in the community into contact with people from diverse backgrounds in an open, supportive and enjoyable setting – this inspires interest, empathy and understanding as well as questioning existing prejudices and encouraging greater appreciation of others as people.

We are a reflection of our diverse society. Our President, Madenia Abdurahman is a Muslim; our Chairman John McGrath is a Christian; our National Director, Zalman Kastel, is Jewish, and our patron Janet Holmes a Court is an atheist. Other board members are Zubeda Raihman (treasurer), Jana Wendt, Ruth Magid, Peter Stephinson and Tim Stern.

Our educational activities are conducted by diverse teams consisting of Muslim, Christian, Jewish, and sometimes also Aboriginal or Pacific Islander educators (when working within those communities). Their focus is on improving intercultural understanding in schools and in the community. Since 2002 we have worked with more than 75,000 Australian students and teachers in our primary and secondary school presentations and workshops across the nation.