Victoria: School’s ‘turban ban’ displays common misunderstanding of equality

Can a school impose a uniform policy that does not take into account a student’s religious or cultural beliefs and practices? This issue is being considered by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

Sagardeep Singh Arora, on behalf of his five-year-old son Sidhak Singh Arora, is challenging Melton Christian College’s decision not to enrol his son unless he agrees not to wear his patka, a Sikh head covering.

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UK: How could the teaching of Sikhism be improved in schools?

UK Sikh children at school

An ideal lesson plan on Sikhism might scope to creating small groups, allocating one or another aspect of Sikhism and setting off to research their topic in relation to Sikhism. They may be researching Sikh practices, Sikh language, Sikh culture, etc. They may use the internet, encyclopedias, and other books to supplement their research. The outcomes might be presented as write a song, a poster, a PowerPoint presentation, ‘teach’ the class in a mini-lesson, write a short play, etc. How do we inspire teachers to be confident “out of the box”?

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Sikhism Resources

On this page, we list resources relating to the Sikh Religion and way of life.

Australian Material

Dept of Education NSW Curriculum Support: Celebrating Diversity (integration of religious diversity, Sikh and Hindu, into K-6 HSIE) PDF

Dying Wish The story of a Sikh- Australian who wished for his ashes to be taken home to India

ABC Splash: Sikhs in Contemporary Australia

Sikh Society of South Australia: What is Sikhism

Sikhs in Australia: Arrival of Indians in Australia

Overview and History of Sikhs in Australia: Australian Sikhs

Racism, No Way: Introduction to Sikhs in Australia

International Resources: Glossary, Explanation of Sikh names and general resources

Harimandir Sahib – the Golden Temple: A Day at Darbar Sahib (The holiest shrine of Sikhism)

Saldef – Learn About Sikhs

Saldef – Brochure: Welcome to the Gurdwara (PDF)

An Insight into Sikh Philosophy and Beliefs: Sikh the Truth (PDF)

Harmandir Sahib

Harmandir Sahib – the holiest shrine of the Sikh Religion

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