A Sikh Reflects: The Future of Sikhism

“The Sikh Gurus rejected social inequalities of all types and advocated for the equal treatment of all people, no matter their gender, profession, or religious background. As our society struggles with increasing social divisions along the lines of race, sexuality, and income, the Sikh outlook of Divine unity has much to offer.” — Simran Jeet Singh Continue reading “A Sikh Reflects: The Future of Sikhism”

Thoughts on the Future of Hinduism

“Over the last several thousand years, individual and collective practices described as Hindu have evolved organically to suit their circumstances, finding new relevance among new generations in new environments. Thus when imagining a future for Hinduism, I believe that, true to form, it will continue to flow forth – negotiating new terrain as needed, at once distinct and the same, sustaining life as it goes.” — Manav Lalwani Continue reading “Thoughts on the Future of Hinduism”

A Woman’s Thoughts: The Future of Buddhism

The Future of Buddhism “Buddhism teaches that our lives are completely interpenetrated, and none of us can be free until all of us are free. We are taught to see the suffering born of delusion, greed, and hatred in our own hearts and – by extension – our communities. And of course, right in the heart of the teachings, we see that liberation from suffering is also possible, if we are brave enough to keep our eyes open and our hearts dedicated to the work of doing so.” — Yael Shy Continue reading “A Woman’s Thoughts: The Future of Buddhism”

An Imam Reflects: The Future of Islam

“There will always be people who don’t understand, who are fueled by hatred, racism and bigotry. The future of Islam depends on Muslims deciding whether we will be fueled by examples of hope or examples of hatred. Around me I see many who are doing more of the former than the latter, and finding in turn a courageous voice that is both speech and action.” — Imam Khalid Latif Continue reading “An Imam Reflects: The Future of Islam”

Recreating a Refugee Narrative: The Boat

To make its first interactive graphic novel, specifically for online audiences, SBS has adapted the title short story in Nam Le’s hugely acclaimed anthology The Boat. The result is emotionally moving and intriguing. It’s also hard to describe: despite film, television, magazines and books now being consumed on a range of hardware there has been limited genuine creative experimentation with form. Continue reading “Recreating a Refugee Narrative: The Boat”

Can Christianity learn from Buddhism?


Could Christianity’s future lie in Buddhism’s past? This is a possibility that’s been haunting me lately, but in a good way, I think.
One big critique, understandably, of postmodern views on Christian spirituality is that there’s too much time and energy spent deconstructing old systems and ways of thinking that need to be torn down or reimagined, while lacking the same effort to build up something more helpful — more Christ-like — in its place.

Continue reading “Can Christianity learn from Buddhism?”