Eyes of the world campaign for primary schools

Eyes of the world campaign for primary schoolsThe eyes of the world are on the UK Schools this year as Britain hosts world leaders for the United Nations’ climate change talks – COP26. They will make important decisions that will shape the future of our global family. CAFOD provides resources for students to appreciate the urgency of climate change and to garner support the world’s poorest communities affected by the climate crisis.
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USA: Back to school: Five ways to cover the new academic year

Covid 19 class

School is back in session as COVID-19 cases continue to climb in the U.S. Students are gearing up for another academic year while parents, school leaders and elected officials fight over pandemic politics, public health concerns, personal freedoms and contentious vaccine and masking policies. For some districts, the new school year is already shaping up to be a bumpy one as educators navigate COVID-19 outbreaks, temporary school closures and coronavirus culture wars. Religion also is in the mix. It’s a part of everything from the vaccine exemption requests to parent motivations and the very missions of the schools themselves.

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Research reveals British attitudes towards learning about religion and worldviews

students at examsIn summer 2021, Culham St Gabriel’s Trust commissioned research to understand more about public perception of an education in religion and worldviews. The results of the research have now been published and it confirms the importance of Religious Education with 64% of adults in the UK believe that an education in religion and worldviews is an important part of the school curriculum today.
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How to Talk to Children About Death: The Right Words to Say

Children and questionsUnderstanding how to explain death to a child is important. It is one of the biggest questions parents must discuss with kids: What is death? What do you say to your kid when they ask, “What happens when you die?” or “Why do people die?” Is there a right way to explain death to a child?
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Teen Yoga Online Training Course

Teen Yoga

Teen Yoga is fastly becoming a vital part of a child’s development with over 1.7 million children and teens practicing yoga.  Many schools have given it a priority as they have found yoga and meditation play an important part in a child’s development including mental health benefits.

Teaching Yoga to Teens requires specific training which The Teen Yoga Foundation have developed.  The foundation has been running for over 17 years teaching teen wellbeing and yoga courses.  The course is ideal for Yoga Professionals, School Teachers, Parents and anyone wanting to bring Yoga to our young.

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Homeschooling During Covid 19

homeschoolDue closure of borders and application of Stage 3 Lockdown, Special Religious Instruction is not being provided in schools. Here, we bring you homeschooling resources for Orthodox, Sikh and Muslim faiths. We will add to this where more resources become available.
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Reflections by Religious Education Teachers on Character

Teacher giving lessonThe Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, based at the University of Birmingham conducted two surveys of Religious Education teachers about their faith and the impact of Religious Education on the character formation of students, as well as the faith (or non-faith) of the Religious Education teachers. What follows is reflections and excerpts from this report.

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Religious Education Teachers and Student’s Character

Religious Education Teachers and Student's CharacterThe Jubilee Centre has published Religious Education Teachers and Character: Personal Beliefs and Professional Approaches. The aim of the research was to explore Religious Education (RE) teacher’s worldviews and their approaches to promoting pupils’ character growth in Religious Education.
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