Creating Character: Compassion, Service and Community

This creative arts-based Barnabas RE Day offers a range of ways for primary-aged pupils to engage with the important values of compassion, service and community. It also supplies strategies and exercises focussed on building character.

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Victorian (VCE) Resources

VCE Texts and Traditions

Scope of study

The study of VCE Texts and Traditions considers the place and meaning of sacred texts within their religious traditions. In an attempt to understand the intended meaning of the texts, the study focuses on the original contexts of sacred texts and examines their literary characteristics. The study encompasses texts from the Christian, Islamic and Jewish traditions.

A range of methods exists for interpreting sacred texts and exploring their intended meaning. VCE Texts and Traditions focuses on sociocultural, historical and literary methods of criticism. The process of searching for, and giving expression to, the meaning of sacred text is called exegesis.

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Australian Catholics: Resources by Curriculum Topic

For more than 20 years, Australian Catholics has been helping bring faith to life in Catholic schools and parish communities. Our print publication and online resources explore Catholicism in today’s world, helping schools deepen and extend their faith formation activities.

Resources by Curriculum Topic has four areas: Faith and spirituality, Living a Christian life, Social justice and the environment and The Church and the Community. Click to visit Resources by Curriculum Topic

CathFamily Resources

CathFamily is an initiative of the Parish & Marriage Resource Centre (PMRC) Australia. CathFamily has an interesting enews archive made up of back issues of their emagazine with resources on Sunday readings, Year A,B,C, etc, rituals and recipes. Visit the enews archive here.

Resources: 500 years of Luther and the Protestant Reformation

In October 2017, millions the world over will mark the 500th anniversary of what came to be called the Protestant Reformation with worship, music, festivals, gatherings, conferences, books and more. This page lists many resources for the celebration of 500 years of the Reformation.

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