Homeschooling During Covid 19

homeschoolDue closure of borders and application of Stage 3 Lockdown, Special Religious Instruction is not being provided in schools. Here, we bring you homeschooling resources for Orthodox, Sikh and Muslim faiths. We will add to this where more resources become available.

Eastern Orthodox Christian Home Educators Meet Up and Excursion Group

Orthodox Cross
Our group meets weekly, usually at outdoor locations across Melbourne. Families with children of all ages welcome, including those who are not officially home schooling, but are considering the option of home schooling. Our group is also planning to commence a co-op at a fixed location in the near future, with a focus on preschool activities, choir for children of all ages, various creative arts, handicraft, nature study and more. Contact: Carol 0430 197 401

Sikh Research Institute – For the Seekers of Light

SikhRI connects people with the teachings of Sikhi and strengthens the bonds of the Sikh community around the world by offering courses and seminars in a variety of mediums.

In an ideal world, happy and tolerant people live together in peace. They are genuinely enthused to share what they know and freely exchange knowledge on topics they are passionate about.

Their lives are driven by values that are dear to them, and are full of meaning because of it. Enlightenment and happiness are ubiquitous.

This is the world that we strive to create by: Making Sikh education accessible to anyone.

People need the option to learn about Sikhi in a no-pressure environment that presents teachings in an unbiased, honest way.
Helping more people to understand the principles of Sikhi.

Despite being over five hundred years old, Sikhi is progressive and revolves around values that can help people to live a more rewarding lifestyle.
Presenting Gurbani the way it is.

Approaching Sikh teachings without a guide may seem overwhelming. Our team of perpetual learners: writers, professors and speakers has spent decades delivering this information to a range of audiences.

In short, we exist because we want to educate people about the tremendous impact that Sikhi can have on their lives.

Links: Gurbani focussed Courses

Online Courses

Video Series: (Fundamentals is good)
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Muslim Home Education Network Australia

Welcome to our Lesson Plans & Unit Study Section. Many homeschooling families base their children’s entire education around Lesson Plans/Unit Studies, whilst others simply use them to supplement various subjects.

We hope to provide you with a collection of Islamic and Secular Lesson Plans/Unit Studies to help make your homeschooling experience a little easier insha’ Allah.

  • Lapbooking and Notebooking
  • Islamic Lesson Plans
  • Ramadan Lesson Plans
  • Islamic Colour In and Learn
  • Activity Pages, Books and Supplements
  • Lesson Plans General
  • Worksheets and Worksheet Generators (Maths workbooks)
  • Lesson Plan/Resource Sites

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