Cultural Diversity Study Guides

Partnering with ATOM, SBS has created study guides to accompany the SBS Cultural Competence Program to build capability around inclusion and cultural diversity in Australia. (Years 7 to 10)

SBS delivers a large scale online training program to over 100,000 Australian workers to build capability around cultural diversity within organisations.

SBS has partnered with Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) to make the content available to teachers to use in the classroom and have created ATOM Study guides to help deliver a fantastic learning experience.

The Cultural Competence Program (CCP) explores topics including cross-cultural communication, stereotypes, unconscious bias, diversity, cultural differences and similarities, cultural adaptation, and cultural values. It features over 60 engaging short films which feature real people telling real stories, and, which use animations to make complex information accessible.

SBS has also created the Cultural Atlas – a free online resource which provides thoroughly researched and up to date culture-specific information for a large range of cultures. Information includes demographics, cultural values, family structures, religion, Do and Do nots, business etiquette and naming conventions.

The ATOM Study Guides provide a solid foundation in understanding what culture, diversity, inclusion and cultural competence mean. Secondary school students will benefit through increasing their own understanding of cultural diversity in Australia.

The Australian Curriculum has been used to help structure the study guides. The activities are also suitable for use in pastoral care and student wellbeing programs.

The CCP and Cultural Atlas relate to the following subject areas of the Australian Curriculum:

  • Years 7–10: Civics and Citizenship, English, Health and Physical Education, Media Arts
  • Year 10: History

In addition, the CCP and Cultural Atlas relate to General Capabilities within the Australian Curriculum:

  • Personality and Social Capability
  • Ethical Understanding
  • Intercultural Understanding

The study guides will be available from SBS Learn and the films will be available for streaming from ATOM’s website.

The Cultural Atlas is available from

For more classroom resources, visit SBS Learn.