Values Education

class in circle

Values Education plays a central role in self-concept, self esteem, self-deterimination and self-awareness in students. Values education is an axis on which education revolves.

The Values Education for Australian Schooling initiative was funded by the Australian Government. The project resources encourage all Australian schools to provide values education in a planned and systematic way by:

  • articulating, in consultation with their school community, the school’s mission
  • developing student responsibility in local, national and global contexts
  • building student resilience and social skills
  • ensuring values are incorporated in school policies and teaching programs across key learning areas
  • reviewing the outcomes of their values education practices.

The Australian Government contracted Education Services Australia (ESA) to:

  • undertake the national Values Education Study
  • develop and maintain the Values Education website
  • develop and publish print, digital and online curriculum and professional learning resources
  • manage the Values Education school grants projects which have directly engaged 464 schools across 74 school clusters, and over 20 universities and academic advisers.

The Values Education website is the national portal to resources for values education. It includes:

  • news, events, articles, links, national forum presentations, school forum snapshots,
    lesson plans and co-curricular activities
  • the National Framework for Values Education
  • Values for Australian Schooling curriculum and professional learning resources
  • Values Education Good Practice Schools Project reports
  • the Values Education Study.