Bahá’í RE for Schools

This new website – Bahá’í RE for Schools – aims to provide good quality and engaging materials to help teachers of RE explore the Bahá’í Faith with pupils across the primary and secondary age ranges. The site provides basic information as well as freely downloadable presentations, lesson plans and schemes, ideas for activities, and links to other online resources.

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Huston Smith, influential religious studies author, dies at 97

Huston Smith, religious studies scholar and bestselling author of The World’s Religions (originally released, in 1958, as The Religions of Man) and Why Religion Matters, as well as Buddhism: A Concise Introduction, which Smith co-wrote with Philip Novak, died on December 30 at the age of 97.

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Buddhism scripture teachers struggling to keep up with demand from state schools

New South Wales public schools are struggling to keep up with demand for Buddhism scripture teachers. Buddhist Council of New South Wales chairman Brian White said there were more than 3,000 public school students across the state studying Buddhism, and the number was growing rapidly.

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Understanding Christianity

Understanding Christianity’s goal is to support pupils in developing their understanding of Christianity, as a contribution to their understanding of the world and their own experience within it. It does this by integrating pupils’ developing understanding of significant theological concepts in Christianity with their own self-understanding and understanding of the world, as part of their wider religious literacy. Continue reading “Understanding Christianity”

Science and Religion, A Christian Perspective

Before looking at the detailed issues it is important to correct some misunderstandings. Many pupils will already have their own preconceptions. The media often gives a stereotypical view of scientists and Christians and an over-simplified and often distorted view of the relationship between science and Christianity. The first lesson should be concerned to set the debate between science and Christianity in its correct historical context. Continue reading “Science and Religion, A Christian Perspective”

Science and Religion – A Hindu Perspective

Many attempts have been made to explore the relationship between what science and religion have to say about aspects of reality. Some Hindus want to see the Hindu scriptures anticipating developments in science. Some even look for parallels between the way these two ways of seeing the world talk about specific concepts such as time and energy. Other Hindu thinkers would say that religious and scientific views are in fact at loggerheads; if one is right, the other is wrong. Continue reading “Science and Religion – A Hindu Perspective”