UK Bahá’í Presentation

Two representatives of the UK Bahá’í community presented to a selection of commissioners and members of the public at the first evidence gathering session for the Commission on RE, which took place on 23 February 2017. The main topics addressed in the Bahá’í presentation were the purpose of RE, the scope and content of RE is a changing world.


Purpose of UK Bahá’í Religious Education

  • Personal spiritual and ethical development
  • Essential values shared across different faiths
  • The historical and social context of how and when faiths emerged and developed
  • Understanding why people hold certain beliefs or practices, and how they put these beliefs and practices into action

Religious Education in a Changing World

  • Importance of RE to social cohesion
  • Religious literacy: if you don’t understand faith, you can’t understand history
  • Understanding what faith means in people’s lives, in diverse communities
  • Making sense of the state of the world

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